3 Orlando City Players Who Could Breakout in 2022

Orlando City SC v New England Revolution
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Winger Silvester van der Water

The first two names on this list are a very modest definition of "breakout." For them, becoming reliable squad players would be considered a breakout season, but the potential of van der Water is even higher.

In his second MLS season, VDW could be poised for a huge year. He struggled at times physically last season, but now he has a full offseason and preseason to recover and acclimate himself with the team. We saw in spurts how talented the Dutch winger is. He has a gifted left foot and a hell of a cross. He can find runners in the box or go for goal himself. I do wonder if he can physically thrive in MLS, but his technical skills are undeniable. With even more on his shoulders with the loss of Chris Mueller, van der Water could be poised for a huge 2022.