Better or Worse than 2021: Strikers

SV Ried v Rapid Wien - Admiral Bundesliga
SV Ried v Rapid Wien - Admiral Bundesliga / Severin Aichbauer/GettyImages
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In: Ercan Kara, Pato

Counting Pato as an addition is definitely cheating, but given he basically didn't play last season, the Brazilian will feel like a new signing (if he can stay healthy). That's an enormous if, but I've seen enough from Pato to know that if he plays a whole season, he's going to be very good player for Orlando City.

On top of resigning the Duck, Orlando splashed some cash and brought in a proper DP #9 to replace Daryl Dike. Ercan Kara wasn't the most expensive or highest profile of signings, but he looks like a perfect fit in the squad. He bring physicality, size, technical ability and finishing, and he's at a perfect age to be a high-level contributor right away. I won't say he's better or worse than Dike, but I have no problem saying he's probably a more finished product and won't have the same international commitments that kept Dike away most of last season.