Progress report: Four Orlando City SC players and how they shoot

• Four players took almost 52% of the team’s shots
• They made 61% of the shots on target
• The four scored eight of the team’s 14 goals
May 15, 2024; Orlando, Florida, USA; Orlando City forward Luis Muriel (9) plays the ball defend by
May 15, 2024; Orlando, Florida, USA; Orlando City forward Luis Muriel (9) plays the ball defend by / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Four players have taken the lion’s share of shots for Orlando City SC through 12 games. Those shots represent the largest share of the team’s on-target attempts.

The players posting those powerful statistics are three strikers and one midfielder. They are: Duncan McGuire, Luis Muriel, Martin Ojeda, and midfielder Nico Lodeiro.

Bolstered by increasingly solid performances from their teammates, these efforts have driven the team out of a streak of bad games. They point the squad toward the top 10 mark in MLS Eastern Conference.

They’ve got a ways to go. Yet, following these team leaders, they'll get there. So here's what they're doing, and how.

McGuire and Ojeda took the most shots, 22 and 21 respectively, through the first 12 matches. This resulted in nine shots on target apiece. Muriel and Lodeiro make up the rest of the lot. They produced 19 shots with six on target apiece.

Most importantly, McGuire contributed five goals plus one assist. Muriel scored two, one assist, and Lodeiro added one score plus five assists. While Ojeda hasn’t scored yet, he did contribute two assists.

Among this group of four, Lodeiro and Ojeda are the most successful passers, with 88% and 82.6% respectively. Examining what drives each player’s on-pitch contributions produces a menu for team members to increase scoring chances.

And those skills will drive the team even higher than tenth place. Muriel and Lodeiro possess the longest list of strengths.

Scouting reports show Muriel likes to shoot from distance and is very strong in dribbling and executing key passes. He’s even stronger playing through balls and dribbling.

Lodeiro is the team’s assist specialist for now. He’s also overall the team’s strongest player. Like Muriel, he’s dependable anywhere on the pitch when the team has a set-piece. And he’s frequently successful in executing key passes.

As for Lodeiro’s style, he enjoys laying the ball off. As a leader in passing success, he’s one you want making crosses when the chance arises.

Ojeda comes in for Orlando when still another pass is necessary to create the team’s chances. He’s powerful in taking set pieces and crossing.

Like Lodeiro he enjoys laying the ball off and he’s good at it. He’s also one of several on the squad who like to shoot from distance.

So far this season, McGuire earned his pay scoring. His greatest strength is finishing and he has five goals, the most of any player on the roster.

But his style of play includes talent in flick-ons, where he intercepts the ball en route to another player, guiding it with a foot or header.

These four players and their teammates have what it takes to push the team to the middle mark of the East Conference and higher. But it won’t be easy.

Staying focused, staying healthy, and playing fast and hard for 90-plus minutes every match will be key.