Tenorio: Orlando City can Add Another DP If Wanted/Needed

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The Athletic's Paul Tenorio dropped a pair of Orlando City bombs Friday. He confirmed reports from South America that Argentine forward Gaston Gonzalez is headed to the City Beautiful in May. Tenorio also added that sources are telling him that Orlando can buy down Uruguayan midfielder Mauricio Pereyra from his Designated Player spot, giving the Lions the ability to add another DP.

This news further inspires hope for the ambition of the Wilf ownership group. For one, it all but confirms that Orlando is filling its final U22 initiative spot, giving Orlando the maximum three DPs and three U22 signings. That level of investment is a welcome sign for the future of Orlando City, and the ability to add beyond that is incredibly exciting.

With all this being said, I doubt that Orlando will look to bring in another DP this season. Especially with the addition of Gonzalez, there are no obvious needs that would be worth a DP spot. However, having that flexibility to open a spot, it gives Orlando the ability to bring in another high-caliber player on a low-level DP deal that would be considered TAM level next year.

With Pereyra on a TAM-able DP contract, it also allows Orlando greater flexibility when looking to next season. If Orlando can keep Pereyra on a similar contract for next year, they could also open a DP spot to find his long term replacement, while keeping important veteran leadership and depth on the squad.

We've already talked about the Gonzalez signing, but it adds another high upside winger to the team alongside Facundo Torres. The Argentine wide man's value is soaring and his form continues to improve. He could be a huge star in MLS over the next few seasons under the right conditions. Certainly an exciting time for Orlando City fans.