What Next With Gaston Gonzalez's Injury

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Orlando City's potential new winger Gaston Gonzalez suffered a serious lower body injury in his reported last match in Argentina, potentially jeopardizing his move to MLS and putting a huge damper on the Orlando City season and his career development.

While we all hope Gonzalez recovers to 100% and eventually suits up for the Purple Lions, the fact is that's not certain right now. And even if he does end up playing in Orlando, he won't be a contributor this season, creating a huge hole for Orlando City.

Orlando City have done well offensively this season, but it hasn't been perfect, especially on the opposite wing of Facundo Torres. Alexandre Pato has played in that winger role occasionally, and he hasn't been bad at all, but it's not his natural spot. Benji Michel is a solid depth option, but still doesn't have the consistent production to be a regular starter.

Both of those guys are having stormers at right wing this season compared to Silvester van der Water, who hasn't made any impact and has barely played.

Brining in the pace and talent of Gonzalez was going to completely change the complexion of Orlando's attack, and now Oscar Pareja is sitting with a huge hole in his attack.

If Orlando keeps Gonzalez in their long term fans, there's not too many options to add in new blood to change the dynamic of this team. It's going to have to come from internal development. Maybe that's Benji Michel elevating his game, or Pato finding that groove and staying healthy. It could even come from a youngster like Wilfredo Rivera who hasn't played yet at the MLS level.

If Orlando opts out of Gonzalez, then it's crucial to find another young, dynamic attacker to bring in. It's a gamble anytime you invest in a young player, but this front office has a proven eye for talent and will find a key contributor no matter what ends up happening.